If I Love

by Neyrey

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If I Love by Neyrey
Is instant love a real thing? Upon meeting someone, can you fall in love almost immediately? Social psychology states that all it takes is an hour with the right person and three friends, Capri, Aqua and Cyan all set out just to see how true that theory is. With genuine love becoming more unachievable in this new generation, will the girls be able to find it? In seven days?

Capri is the most skeptical of the group of friends. But despite that, she still willingly does the project. She’s willing to bet her life that love doesn’t really exist and so she agrees to the experiment just to prove her point. When she’s matched with Zeru, her reluctance only grows but just as stubborn as she is, Zeru refuses to let up. He even makes a deal with her that changes her outlook on everything. But will she see the light at the end of the tunnel? Or is she too used to the darkness?

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If I Love by Neyrey