A Boss For The Holidays: Boss & Blessing

by Patrice Balark, Dedra B.

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A Boss For The Holidays: Boss & Blessing by Patrice Balark, Dedra B.
At 22 years old, Blessing McCall is married to the love of her life, who is also the very first guy that she has ever dated. A recent college graduate and owner and instructor of her own dance studio, her life is straight out of a fairytale, but her story is thrown an unforeseen plot twist, changing her fairytale into an utter nightmare. Starting fresh, newly single, and refocusing her energy solely on her young black girls’ dance team, Angels, Blessing’s story is revitalized with new developments and interesting characters when she runs into a street boss, making her second chance at love an unexpected blessing of her own.

Ruthless in the streets of Chicago, the son of the plug, and has zero tolerance for non-sense, Darrius “Boss” Bryant only has a soft spot in his heart for his daughter, Arianna Bryant. Being a single father, he tries his best to be the perfect dad, but Arianna’s mom just won’t let him be great, causing him more stress than a little bit. But when his heart starts beating for someone other than his daughter, Boss is put into a position that he never thought he’ll be in. Having to make a decision that would force him to put his pride to the side, will Boss save the day? Or will he be the Grinch who stole the holidays?

Young, beautiful, and a successful schoolteacher, Melody Caston has been locked in love with the man of her dreams, Corey, since a teen and had life all figured out at one point. Even though he seems to complete her puzzle, their pieces doesn’t fit like they used to and some pieces are even missing. However, an open house meeting changes the picture for her, realizing that all of her pieces seem to fit perfectly with a man that she never would have fathom.

Second born to the infamous drug lord Dino Bryant and heir to the Bryant Cartel, Mason “Black” Bryant runs the streets of Chicago alongside his brother. Single with no kids, Black forms a close bond with his niece Arianna, leading him to an innocent open house meeting. However, the meeting is not so innocent, especially when he lays eyes on an unsuspecting and beautiful schoolteacher. Not able to get her off his mind, she becomes a challenge that he doesn’t mind taking on, especially since he always got what he wanted in the end.

This holiday season will be like no other for Blessing, Melody, Boss, and Black, especially since life will be teaching them the ins and outs of love. Two couples. Four hearts. But all love in the end. Join these couples on their jolly ride through Chicago as they discover the true meaning of love.
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A Boss For The Holidays: Boss & Blessing by Patrice Balark, Dedra B.