A Dirty South Christmas

by Tacarra

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A Dirty South Christmas by Tacarra
Sapphire wants to do something different for the holidays this year. Florida is fun, but she wants to show her kids there’s more in the world outside of the Sunshine state. She decides that the family should take a trip for Christmas and enjoy the holidays in a way that they have never done before.
Aries is still Aries and has to come to terms that his little girl isn’t so little anymore. He has to deal with Anni becoming a young lady, or that’s what everyone around him wants him to see.
Jade, the lowkey sister, decides to drop a bombshell on the family that no one really expects. She’s nervous to see how everyone is going to respond to her news that she’s been keeping from them for nearly two years.
Topaz has been keeping a secret of her own from her husband. She doesn’t know how or when to tell him because she knows how drastic he can make things. She just hopes that her plan doesn’t backfire on her and ruin their trip.
Join the Diamond and Black family for the holidays to see what everyone has been up to over the years until now.
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A Dirty South Christmas by Tacarra