Endless Turquoise

by Trudy Nixon

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Endless Turquoise by Trudy Nixon
Gorgeous escapism - a perfect lockdown read! Bring some Caribbean warmth into your life with Endless Turquoise
Two people travel separately to a tiny Caribbean island with wildly different expectations …

Tracy, a funny, feisty businesswoman in her forties, comes to paradise to investigate a shocking family secret. Expecting the worst, she instead falls madly for a charming fisherman. Is it just a holiday romance or could it – should it – last?

Beautiful Charlotte should be having the time of her life on her dream honeymoon – but isn’t. And when she finds out why, her self-confidence and faith in the future are destroyed. Will the island help her heal?

Take a holiday from real life and voyage to Zephyr, a Caribbean idyll, replete with stunning beaches, luxurious hotels and comic cultural exchanges. Then, journey on to London and the bucolic British countryside, as both women grapple with what they need to do next, to live their best lives.

Immerse yourself in Endless Turquoise - a delightful and inspirational beach read.
What readers are saying about Endless Turquoise:

Loved This Book! A beach read with substance.

Humorous, feel good read! I absolutely loved getting to know the characters. The author has done a superb job of bringing them to life while capturing the authenticity of the humorous, carefree nature of sweet Caribbean life on a small Island paradise.

An entertaining escape. You’ll cheer for Charlotte and Tracy. And if this book doesn’t inspire you to find and visit your own “Zephyr,” check your pulse!

I was at first attracted to the cover art, and it turned out to be an excellent read This book was a pleasant surprise....A real page turner and lots of plot twists and turns. I admit I am partial to Caribbean tales and this does not disappoint. It captures the essence of Caribbean life and romance. I can't wait for the next books in the series.

Charming book - I loved it! Endless Turquoise is very well written and very entertaining! I read it in a day on the beach and it is the PERFECT beach read!! It is also the book to read if you are missing the beach and want to be transported there.

Delightful! This is a light and highly entertaining read. I tore through it in one sitting and am already impatient for the next instalment. The author manages to include the setting so beautifully, you will feel as though it's one of the characters but beware of the side effects! They include strong longings for aqua blue ocean, rum punches and holiday romances!

A marvelous escape Are you looking for an escape from all the bleak news? Bring some Caribbean warmth into your life for a while by getting this book!

A delightful escapist novel but with more to it than meets the eye.

Endless Turquoise teleports you to another place - the warmth of the sun and the characters seep from every page.
What an absolute joy to read - if you've ever been to the Caribbean, then you'll love the detail and nuances of being wholly transported back. If you've never been, then this enthralling story of discovery and love will make you want to go. The characters are vivid and full of life and easy to connect with - just the sort of people you'd like to meet in real life. A must-read for these tricky times.

A fabulous read. I loved this book. Beautifully written and transported me back to the Caribbean islands...I would highly recommend tucking up with a glass of wine and let this book take you away from the daily troubles of these difficult times. Only problem is I want to go on holiday now and swim in the turquoise waters ... loved it, can’t wait for the next one.

Gorgeous escapism
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Endless Turquoise by Trudy Nixon