Sapphire: Tales of A Ghetto Queen

by Tawana

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Sapphire: Tales of A Ghetto Queen by Tawana
While most six year old children are learning about the simple things in life, Sapphire White is being taught a lesson about death. After her mother is caught up in the crossfire of rival gang members, she grows into a wild teenager with a heart void of love. Numb to pain and filled with resentment, nothing and no one can stop the storm that is Sapphire. After a series of chaotic events, Sapphire ends up spending her eighteenth birthday in prison. How will this shape the next chapter of her life?
Enter Shyne Washington, he will try with everything in his power to save the broken beauty. Although he’s attached to his boss’s daughter and neighborhood royalty, Alize, he can’t seem to get the young feisty Sapphire off his mind. His intentions for Sapphire are good but
Alize Genesis has an unhealthy obsession with Shyne and refuses to let any other woman have him.
Sapphire poses a threat to her relationship and Alize simply can’t let that ride. She plots a scheme that will have a domino effect of bad luck for her and her entire family.
In the end, will Shyne stay with Alize out of obligation to her family, or will he follow his heart and stick by Sapphire’s side? Will Sapphire become the Queen of Bed-Stuy as she once aspired to be? Or will the tales of her life turn her into someone she won’t even recognize anymore?
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Sapphire: Tales of A Ghetto Queen by Tawana