Season's Greetings From A Trap N$gga: A Christmas Novella

Bianca Marie

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Season's Greetings From A Trap N$gga: A Christmas Novella by Bianca Marie
But Love Don't Change...

Or does it? Those were the words Bentley Powers were battling with on an everyday basis. Bentley, being a young, thugging, trap n$gga, prided himself as being a family man to his girlfriend, Joy Cooper of eight years, and his twin daughters. Always down to get money by any means was law to Bentley, but when he finds himself in a difficult situation, he's determined to get out of it. Things in his life start to crumble, and an unexpected move to another state shakes his world up. Before long, feelings and emotions he tried to suppress come rushing back.
Freedom Hughes, also known as Free, has the world at her fingertips. Born and raised to be independent, she's a successful business owner with her mind on her bag. After falling for the bad boy with a New York swag and BDE, she immediately regrets it. After picking up her broken heart, Free vows to stay away from men.
Returning to her hometown, Free had to continue where she left off. She re-opened her business, found a new love interest, and was finally happy. Well, that's what she thought. Just when she thought her life was perfect, it came crashing down all around her, right before the holidays. Not being one to need someone, Free tried her hardest to stay sane despite everything she was going through at the moment, but when she was pushed to the limit, the last person she wanted to depend on came to her rescue.
Always having a weakness for Free, Bentley's willing to do anything to make up for the hurt he caused her. He can't apologize enough for the sadness and the stress he put her through. But what if it's too late and all his hard work isn't worth it? Caught between loyalty and love, Bentley is praying that he's making the right move when it comes to his heart.
Bentley and Free thought they had found their person. They would soon see that they were only meant for each other. Circumstances and situations will come to light, and they have no other option but to lean on each other. They both come to realize that love hurts, love heals, love is pain, and love is joy. Being with the one you love the most is the most important thing for the holidays.
Jump into this novel as Bentley and Freedom take you on a wild ride, with a love only they can have.
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