Space Cats

by John Conning

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Space Cats by John Conning
SPACE CATS is about connections and finding love, as told through the eyes of a free-living runaway cat whose reluctant act of heroism turns her life upside down.
Stranded in the Egyptian desert by alien invaders, Ridley discovers secrets buried deep inside an ancient temple, hidden by explorers from another world. On the verge of discovering her own mysterious origin, the drumbeat of interplanetary war threatens to tear the Earth apart just as she’s put the pieces of her own life back together.
Tilting her head, the phantom looked me over. “Your ancestors were not of Earth—You’re an exotic.”
“No! I’m just an ordinary cat!” I protested.
Rose appealed to me with her sparkling eyes, “You are special, Ridley. Once when you fell asleep you disappeared!”
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