Brittany by Becky Lee Whitehouse


by Becky Lee Whitehouse

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Brittany by Becky Lee Whitehouse
I'm used to secrets.

They're what's gotten me into this mess to begin with. They are what got me taken and held captive.

Finding out what they are make me rethink everything I have ever known. Have I ever actually known who the people around me were?

I want answers, and I won't get them until my husband finds me. When he finds me, I have no doubt that he will help me get to the bottom of things. And he will find me. I know he will.

Lorenzo Sorrentino is not the kind of man who will just sit back and let his wife be kidnapped. He will come for me, and he will leave bodies in his wake.

**Please be warned that there are trigger warnings in this book. It is a dark mafia book. Read at your own discretion.
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