That Small Town Charm

by Leah E. Marr

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That Small Town Charm by Leah E. Marr
As a mentalist who gets visions of the past, Ella has always wanted to visit Nightingale, the quaint British village for supernaturals. So when her aunt gets her a temporary job there, she's keen to find out what it's like.

But the man she's working for makes it clear he doesn't want her around and soon a vengeful ghost is destroying all her work. Throw in a charming demon who insists on flirting with her, and Ella's experience of Nightingale is anything but dull.

Determined to discover who is wrecking her work so she can get paid and go home, Ella investigates the house's past. But unearthing family secrets is always dangerous and her welcome in Nightingale is quickly running out.
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