Stalking in the Holidays

Emma Bray

3.75 ·
[?] · 4 ratings · Published: 02 Dec 2022

Stalking in the Holidays by Emma Bray
Bonnie Belmont is on the run, and it’s not from the law—it’s from her creepy stepdad. She’s off to start a new life, but she needs a job and a way to make her own way in the world. It’s scary going out on her own at barely eighteen, but anything is better than her stepdad’s leers and lewd comments.

Bryan Lane loves owning his own gym and helping his clients achieve their fitness goals. His life is going smoothly even if it is somewhat routine—that is, until the prettiest little brunette he’s ever seen stumbles into his gym. She has a lost, little girl look in her big brown eyes that cuts straight to his core and makes every protective instinct in him roar to life.

By the time night is over, he knows one thing for sure. He’s never going to be able to let her go.

So, he stalks her.
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