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  • Wolf Dreamer

    Madeline Baker

    ·  2017

    Pregnant and alone on the Colorado prairie, Rebecca Hathaway's prayers were answered—by rugged Wolf Dreamer. Will her search for home and family lead them to a new life together?

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  • Reckless Embrace (Reckless #4)

    Madeline Baker

    ·  2002

    JOEY AND BLACKIE Some folks said they were just two kids who should never have met --- a girl from the wrong side of town and a half-breed who was determined to make his mark on the world. Their families had fought on opposite sides at the Little Big Horn; there could be no future for them in a little Western town where time passed slowly and memories were long. But when Black Owl looked at Joey he saw not a pretty tomboy in faded denim, but the most beautiful girl in the world... more

  • Reckless Desire (Reckless #3)

    Madeline Baker

    ·  1988

    Unable to resist his love for a beautiful woman despite her betrothal to a man who is ashamed of her Native American heritage, Cloud Walker seeks to make Mary his own with a scandalous passion that enrages her proud Cheyenne warrior father. Original.

  • Reckless Love (Reckless #2)

    Madeline Baker

    ·  2012

    TWO MEN CLAIMED HER ... ONLY ONE COULD TAME HER RECKLESS HEART JOSHUA BERDEEN was the cavalry soldier who had traveled the country in search of the lovely Hannah Kincaid. Josh offered her a life of ease in New York City, and all the finer things. TWO HAWKS FLYING was the Cheyenne warrior who had branded her body with his searing desire. Outlawed by the civilized world, he could offer her only the burning ecstasy of his love... more

  • Reckless Heart

    Madeline Baker

    ·  1985

    Remembering her Indian childhood friend, Hannah Kincaid, a settler woman, experiences much deeper feelings for Shadow the man, until war breaks out in the Dakota Territory, pitting Hannah and Shadow's people against each other.

  • Feather in the Wind (Time Travel #3)

    Madeline Baker

    ·  2004

    BLACK WIND He gazed out over a land as vast and empty as the sky, praying for the strength to guide his people, and he saw her face. She came to him in a vision, a woman as mysterious as the new moon over the prairie, as tender as springtime in the Paha Sapa. And he knew his life was changed forever. SUSANNAH She saw his face in a faded picture, and his eyes, restless as the wind, seemed to call to her... more

  • Heart of the Hunter

    Madeline Baker

    ·  2011

    Kelly McBride is torn between two men—one an ex-con who she’s not sure she trusts, the other the spirit of an Indian who’s been dead for over a hundred years. Lee Roan Horse and Blue Crow are men with two things in common—they’re both in love with Kelly and they both want the gold hidden on her ranch. When treasure hunters come searching for the gold, Lee and Blue Crow are determined to keep Kelly safe, even if it means they have to defy death to do it... more

  • Chase the Wind (Apache Runaway #2)

    Madeline Baker

    ·  2000

    Elizabeth Johnson was a woman who knew her own mind. When Chase the Wind rode into town, Beth took one look at the stormy eyes of the Apache warrior and understood that this time she must follow her heart and not her head. Before she quite knew what was happening, Beth was fleeing into the desert with Chase, fighting off a lynch mob--and finding ecstasy beneath starry skies.