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  • Cin City: A Luci Wijn Novel

    Jamie Campbell

    ·  2016

    “Yeah, it's true. I do swear a lot. And that's only one of my issues. I've also got broken things in my head." When you're 14,000 kilometres from home it's important to have good people around you. Although for nineteen-year-old Shannon Smith finding those good people wasn't always easy. Not when her first instinct is to hide. Not when dealing with anything new is such a mammoth task... more

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  • Four Days

    Jamie Campbell

    ·  2015

    Told in the first person (past tense), "Four Days" is Luci's story of collapse and rebuild; of broken love and the promise of future love - and redemption. A Contemporary Romance that includes a road trip through New Zealand, a hero, villains, a foul-mouthed best friend, and tennis. "Four Days" would appeal to lovers of happy endings... more