BWWM Club is a new author. The debut novel was published in 2020. Since then 105 more books were published, with an average book rating of 4.25 /5 stars.

A very popular series by BWWM Club are the He Likes Them Big books, featuring military, christian, sports and multicultural tropes. Another highly rated series are the Asian Billionaires novels, tagged as sports, multicultural, military and christian. The most favorited books are Seth: BWWM, Surrogate, Pregnancy, Billionaire Romance, Caleb: BWWM, Single Parent, Billionaire Romance, Jamieson: BWWM, Arranged Pregnancy, Pregnancy Of Convenience, Billionaire Romance and Mitchell: BWWM, BBW, Plus Size Female, Online Dating, Billionaire Romance. BWWM Club's latest book is Shaun: BWWM, Accidental Marriage, Billionaire Romance which was published in 2021.

Looking for a suggestion? You might enjoy To Love Again: BWWM, BBW, Plus Size, Widower, Billionaire Romance (He Likes Them Big #1) and Their Perfect Sunset: BWAM, BBW, Plus Size Woman, Billionaire Romance (Asian Billionaires #1).

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