Celtic Illusion (Celtic Knots #1)

by T.L. Marshall

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Jul 23rd, 2011  | 

Celtic Illusion by T.L. Marshall
Tristana Martin is a forbidden child. Adopted at birth, Tristana knows little of her secret heritage until a fight with a popular girl in her new high school ends in Tristana giving the girl a broken nose by using mysterious abilities. Unsure of what to do, Tristana is forced to turn to the handsome, but unsettling Aidan O’Reilly. Aidan claims he can help her control her gift as well as reveal the secrets of who she is and where she really comes from.

Frightened by the uncontrollable powers growing inside her, Tristana relents and listens to Aidan only to discover she has even more to fear then she first imagined. Now Tristana not only has to worry about keeping her magical gift a secret from the people around her, but also from the, Domhaingrian, a covert magical society who would kill her if she is discovered.

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Celtic Illusion by T.L. Marshall