Nashville Bound (Nashville #3)

by Bethany Michaels

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Nashville Bound by Bethany Michaels
That’s my kind of night...
The only thing country music princess, Michelle, wanted more than her next gold record was her new opening act, Shay Rogan. He taps into her deepest fantasies in the bedroom, but when she finds out he’s with her for all the wrong reasons, she has him kicked off the tour and vows to forget the hard body and soft touch that made her willing to throw everything away for one night in his bed.

How do you like me now?
Five years later, Michelle’s CDs are heading for the bargain bin while Shay’s career is about to go supernova...if he can stay out of bar fights and avoid groupie hook-ups long enough to keep his record contract. Their label agrees to give both stars one last chance to save their careers, but it means hitting the road together for a joint concert tour. A sense of responsibility to all those who helped her become a star is the only thing that convinces Michelle to go along with the plan, while Shay sees the tour as an opportunity to get even for the way Michelle used him and then cut him loose back when he was a nobody in the business.

Sparks fly...
Michelle and Shay find that the intense sexual attraction that exploded during their one night together is still as earth-shattering as ever, whether they want anything to do with one another or not. When a PR nightmare forces them to play a couple for the press, chemistry on stage turns into chemistry in the bedroom. But old lies and new secrets convince Michelle that the affair has to end as soon as they return to Nashville for the last show of the tour...because Shay will never forgive her once he learns the truth

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Nashville Bound by Bethany Michaels