Palate - The Full Series (Palate #1)

by Octavia Wildwood

4.00 · 6 ratings · Published: Jul 31st, 2014  | 

Palate - The Full Series by Octavia Wildwood
Mina Sinclair isn’t a woman to be messed with.

She curses like a sailor, bakes like a madwoman and prays for the day when her son outgrows the Terrible Twos…and now she’s on a reality show. Competing in a televised cooking contest isn’t something Mina thought she’d ever do, but she needs that prize money.

One problem: the judge of the competition is none other than celebrity chef Gavin Rothe.

Gavin is a man whose reputation precedes him. He’s a hard-partying, womanizing, arrogant jerk. Or so Mina thinks. Bit by bit she gets to know the man he is when the cameras aren’t on him: thoughtful, witty and tender hearted. And Gavin helps her remember how to have fun.

Maybe they can be friends. Or maybe they can be more.

But lurking beneath the surface of their romance are painful pasts and dark secrets that threaten to tear them apart. Can their love survive the truth?

This book contains explicit adult situations.
It includes: Spicy, Sweet and Savory.

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Palate - The Full Series by Octavia Wildwood