Passion's Fire (Passion Series, #4)

by The Black

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Passion's Fire by The Black
What do you do when the one you choose isn’t the one you need?

Billionaire Julian St. Christopher’s Passion formula – the libido-boosting ingredient in his designer wine Passion’s Nectar and candy Passion’s Kiss – has earned him new millions. But for some people, the Passion formula has a stunning side effect. For certain individuals, the wine and candy generate a burning desire, a need that can only be relieved by the person who is the object of their yearning. The creators of the formula call the desire the Soul Mate Effect.

Julian’s scientists tell him that the only a very small percentage of people who consume the wine or candy experience the effect. They tell him that the odds of an affected person meeting their sexual soul mate are even less likely, and so his product is safe to sell.

Julian is confident that his product is safe. He drinks Passion’s Nectar. It’s a designer wine, a rich man’s hobby, and his new toy. But when he shares the wine with someone close to him, the passion is ignited, and Julian discovers that when you play with fire, you might get burned.

The flames of desire burn as hot as the sun, and Julian is drawn toward the heat. Now he’s in the battle of his life as struggles to choose between doing what he believes is right or being with the woman he might not have the will to resist. But the flesh is weak, and it’s on fire.

In the fourth sizzling episode in the Passion Series, Julian learns that when desire becomes need, nothing and no one is off limits.

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Passion's Fire by The Black