Their Border Lands Freedom (Men of the Borderlands #12)

by Marla Monroe

4.00 · 2 ratings · Published: Nov 14th, 2014  | 

Their Border Lands Freedom by Marla Monroe
Lyssa Truesdale has been a prisoner for seven years before one stranger sets her free and another offers the safety of a family as their women. With a world gone crazy and women only a commodity, she believes they are her best chance at survival, but can she trust them?

Wade Cresswell and Stanton York don’t really know each other very well, but agree to share Lyssa to ensure her freedom and to keep her by their side. Stanton’s lived in the city with few skills relevant to a harsher way of life. Wade was a rancher, working with his hands all his life. Together they provide the safety and security Lyssa needs as they look for a home. Finding a community that will accept them seems impossible with so much ground to cover, but their lives and their hard won freedom depends on it.

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Their Border Lands Freedom by Marla Monroe