Flames of Arousal (Xylon Warriors #3)

by Ruth D. Kerce

4.00 · 2 ratings · Published: May 25th, 2011  | 

Flames of Arousal by Ruth D. Kerce
Book 3 in the Xylon Warriors series.

Xylon Warrior Kam Nextor must find Halah Shirota.

Halah lives by her own rules. She's turned against her people and has been captured as a sex slave on the Sand Moon. Escape, without help, will be impossible. Once considered an enemy to Xylon, Halah is now working independently. Her military knowledge is needed to help Kam destroy Marid's weaponry system and save Xylon from annihilation.

While fighting their enemies, past feelings of distrust, and time that's running out, they find renewed respect and an intense attraction for each other. In the end, those emotions must be enough to save them…or everyone will perish.

'Flames of Arousal' is tagged as:

  • contemporary 5
  • erotica 5
  • military 5
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Flames of Arousal by Ruth D. Kerce