The Alpha's Courtship (Chalys: Ilie and Soleil #1)

by Marian Tee, Clarise Tan

4.00 · 2 ratings · Published: Apr 2nd, 2016  | 

The Alpha's Courtship by Marian Tee, Clarise Tan
Soleil Orpheline has always known about the wolf she’s meant to spend her life with, but it’s a destiny she’s chosen to ignore. She prefers to live her life alone, fighting both real and personal demons on her own. She would have continued doing so if not for fate interfering…and causing Ilie Marcovici to find out about her.

With the most powerful and manipulative wolf hell bent on claiming his heartkeeper, Soleil suddenly finds herself subject to the wickedest kind of courtship that’s marked by stolen touches, forbidden caresses, and the most intimate of kisses.

Everyone knows that Ilie is ruthless in going after what he desires, but Soleil is determined to resist his advances. She will never yield to him if her body is all he wants.

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The Alpha's Courtship by Marian Tee, Clarise Tan