Passion Nights: An Alpha Billionaire Romance (Lonely Nights #3)

by Anna Collins

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Passion Nights: An Alpha Billionaire Romance by Anna Collins
"Lonely Nights" Series - Discover NOW The New Alpha Billionaire Romance Series by Anna Collins!
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Ritz's dream job went at stake when the model for the photo shoot ran away. In the moment of stress and panic while she was walking aimlessly on the road, her eyes caught the sight of a breathtaking handsome man. In that extreme situation he seemed to be the only way by which Ritz could save her job. She thought that he had the perfect look and attitude to pose for some snaps.

With many difficulties, she managed to convince him. There was an instant attraction from the very first sight. But later when Ritz came to know that the guy's name was Ryan Fernandez and he was an alpha billionaire she decided to stay away from him.

Ryan Fernandez was addressed as the 'Dracula' of the business industry due to his heartless decisions. Everyone used to fear him. He got attracted towards Ritz due to her bold and fearless attitude. He always got what he wanted. The more she pushed him away, the more he went desperate to get her.

Will Ritz be able to maintain her expressionless attitude in front of his obsession? How far will this obsession take him?

Know the fate of these wondering hearts and see if you are ready for some...not so lonely nights ...

Readers should be 18 and over due to mature situations and language.

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Passion Nights: An Alpha Billionaire Romance by Anna Collins