Starting Over (Rebekah & Eliza #4)

by Hanna Troyer

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Starting Over by Hanna Troyer
Rebekah is overjoyed to be back home, even if only for a visit. And the children love spending time with their aunt, uncle and grandfather. Only Samuel feels differently. There are so many people he dreads seeing.

Rebekah knows why Samuel is finding their visit very difficult. For all the people who have welcomed them back, there are others who do not. These are the ones Samuel let down when they counted on him, and he carries that blame to this day.

Despite her longing to stay, Rebekah will support whatever decision Samuel makes. She will even move again if that is what it takes for her husband to be at peace.

Samuel is torn between staying to make Rebekah happy, and leaving to avoid having to confront his fears and failures. He wishes everybody would just stop talking about it because that just makes it harder for him to decide.

Will Rebekah’s deepest hopes come true?

Can Samuel be convinced that he can start over where his life with Rebekah began?

Have Rebekah and Samuel come home to stay or is this just a brief stop before moving on yet again?

Read STARTING OVER to find out….

Starting Over is a sweet, clean, inspirational Amish romance. Although part of a series, it can definitely be read as a standalone book.

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Starting Over by Hanna Troyer