2 Hard to Bear (Ivy's League of Bear Shifters #2)

by Selina Coffey

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Apr 7th, 2016  | 

2 Hard to Bear by Selina Coffey
And I did as I was told. I closed my eyes and felt Hollis take my hand and raise it to his lips. He placed a chaste kiss there that spoke so much to me that I didn’t know I was crying until the warm tears slipped down my cheeks.

I would not ever see either one of them again. And that was my cross to bear.

Determined to get back to normal, Ivy throws herself back into her work. But Hollis nor Winslow will allow her to forget the heat of their passionate night nor the emotions unlocked that night. Ivy doesn’t know how to feel or what she wants.

Hollis wants her for himself and Winslow has made it clear that he has no plans to share. So how will she choose?

Because whether she admits it or not, she’s fallen hard, in love with two men who harbor a deadly secret that will ultimately make her question not only her reality but her sanity as well.

Author's Note: This book contains mature language and themes, intended for adults only! This book is the sequel of Shift Quickie.

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2 Hard to Bear by Selina Coffey