The Pledge (The Quantum Society #2)

by Dagny Rand

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Apr 10th, 2016  | 

The Pledge by Dagny Rand
Doctor Amari Ratchek and her work colleague Paul, were determined to solve the mystery plaguing her department where mature women bear mysterious, scars, and suffer peculiar amnesia. Their success drag the pair into a dark and mysterious world where vampires prey, casually discarding their confused and exhausted victims.
But the pair emerge from the adventure with their own unique scars, and no memory of their erotic adventures aboard the luxury yacht, Demeter, nor their passionate relationship with each other.
And when Amari is irresistibly drawn back to Demeter, accompanied by Paul, the vampire leader is forced to take drastic measures in order to protect his coven. Will his determination result in the deaths of Amari and Paul, or will their memories be permanently obliterated?
Either way, the mortals cannot be allowed to roam freely, risking Demeter’s secret.

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The Pledge by Dagny Rand