The Hunters: Rafe and Sheila (The Hunters #6)

by Shiloh Walker

4.00 · 8 ratings · Published: May 4th, 2005  | 

The Hunters: Rafe and Sheila by Shiloh Walker
Sheila is done.

After months of loving the brooding, sexy Hunter, she realizes that all Rafe will ever give her is sex. Leaving him will hurt, but staying will hurt even more. It’s like ripping out her undead heart, but in the end, she knows that her only choice is to do just that…leave.

Rafe is furious.

After all they had together, the sexy belle just up and leaves him? No. It doesn’t work that way. He sets off to find her and when he does, he realizes that things are worse than he realizes. She’s already found herself another lover.

A human lover.

When that human goes missing, Sheila is convinced that Rafe had something to do with it, although he didn’t. And something else is going on…something dark…something evil. Something that could very well cost Rafe the woman he only now discovers he loves…

Includes a bonus story!

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The Hunters: Rafe and Sheila by Shiloh Walker