Diagnosis: Love (Tennessee: Love #3)

by Donna Wright

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Dec 30th, 2005  | 

Diagnosis: Love by Donna Wright
Beth Chambers entered the Trentville Memorial Hospital full of confidence and anticipation for good things to come. However, mid stride she was suddenly knocked to the ground by an energized pot-bellied pig. Convinced things could not possibly become more awkward and embarrassing she looks up to see the handsome Doctor Alex Price arrives on the scene just in time to see her haphazardly sprawled on the cement.

Doctor Alex Price, babysitter of the pig, is a man dedicated to his job, a clinic that aids countless families without medical care. But unexpectedly he meets the vivacious Beth Chambers and he begins to reconsider such a devoted and lonely life. When he discovers that she is hired as the new administrator for the hospital, he is sure she can help his clinic and he is certain he can win her heart.

Romance blossoms even though Beth stubbornly tries to avoid any relationships in the workplace. But suddenly the clinic is cut from funding and Alex blames her for it. Can the clinic be saved and their relationship mended? Delve into this delightful new addition to the Tennessee: Love series to discover if the diagnosis between Beth and Alex truly is love after all.

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Diagnosis: Love by Donna Wright