Waitressing at Tranz-A-Go-Go Part One (Sean to Shawny #1)

by Tabatha Wild

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Waitressing at Tranz-A-Go-Go Part One by Tabatha Wild
Sean is enjoying his holiday in Marbella, when his friend George informs him that the cash has run out and they can’t pay the hotel bill for the second week. George, who is older than Sean, tracks down an old friend who runs the gay club, Tranz-A-Go-Go. Jose, the manager, offers them jobs that suit their physiques – George, being a big guy, behind the bar, and Sean, being slim, must work as a transvestite waitress.
Sean is shocked when he finds out what is involved in the job and that he’ll need to practice during the day, so he doesn’t make a fool of himself in the club.
The situation becomes complicated, when both George and Jose are bowled over by Sean/Shawny’s feminine appearance. The relatively shy young man is shocked and overwhelmed by the attention from all the men around him. This first part has adult themes, so is only recommended for readers over 18.

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Waitressing at Tranz-A-Go-Go Part One by Tabatha Wild