The Librarian (The Rulers of Darkness MC #1)

by Belle Winters

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· 13 ratings · Published: Nov 23rd, 2017

The Librarian by Belle Winters
Sweet, smart, innocent Addilyn. The little nine year old girl that frequents the library that I work in. Who knew that dropping her off home one day after work would change everything? Well that was how I met him – Psycho – Addie’s father. What else? Well, he just happened to be the president of the local motorcycle club the Rulers of Darkness who was known for their not so legal activities and the danger surrounding them.
The issue? He wants his daughter in his life and so do I. I was committed to her after all of these years goddamit and he was practically a stranger. Neither of us are willing to bend so now we must coexist. It wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t for the constant teasing about my choice in clothes or my glasses or the way I liked books and learning. That was the least of it. Having to be around a man that aggravated me, tried to boss me around, tell me what to do and how to do it, and drove me - MAKE ME WANT TO SCREAM - out of my mind was pure hell. Not to mention he was my god, hot damn, sexy and made me have all types of thoughts that were totally irrational and out of line. I mean, how can I fantasize about someone I absolutely couldn’t stand? I’ll keep all my dreams – or should I say nightmares – to myself. If I happen to enjoy them in the moment then fine, but I was not going to cross that line with him. Nope.

Siarra, the little pain in my butt nut job. The girl was a bonafide pint sized crazy person. Most times, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to brain her or bang her brains out.
My little girl was crazy about her, therefore I couldn’t quite get rid of her and bury the body… no matter how much she made me want to. The little librarian nerd had a temper that outrivaled some men. Heck, she’s scared a few of the toughest I know. What’s my biggest problem with her you wanna know right?
Her dorky glasses, tight as sin teddy bear pajamas – sans bra, fiery attitude, and fierce protectiveness made me crazy. I was constantly horny around her and I knew that I needed to stay away from her because if I had her I was gonna own her. That wouldn’t work out so well with the whole Addie thing being in the middle. She made my inner caveman come out at all times. But it aint gonna happen, I can hold back. Now, me keeping myself from strangling her is a promise I don’t know if I can keep…

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The Librarian by Belle Winters