My Valentine (Siren #2)

by Jaimie Roberts

4.33 · 3 ratings · Published: Feb 1st, 2018  | 

My Valentine by Jaimie Roberts
Book Two in the Siren series is not a standalone. Reading Siren beforehand will definitely enhance your reading experience of My Valentine.

Roses are red, violets are blue.
You’ve sent me to Hell.
Now you must join me, too.

Obsession is a word that’s followed me since the day I met her. I’m not too ashamed to admit it flows through my veins. I, of all people, realise how dangerous that can be.

I may have escaped, but no matter how much I run, she’s there, reminding me of what I did...what I miss. Even in death, she haunts me. If losing her wasn’t enough, I constantly have to live with her inside my head during the day, in my dreams at night.

She’s punishing me. It’s what she does best. Even gone, her claws sink deep into my skin.

I thought it was over.
I was wrong.
It seems Scarlet’s not quite done with me yet.

Warning: There are scenes - as in the previous book, Siren - which may trigger those sensitive to sexual abuse.

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My Valentine by Jaimie Roberts