Residuum (Ghosts of Southampton #3)

by Id Johnson

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Residuum by Id Johnson
Nothing drowns out the sound of drowning....

The survivors of Titanic arrive in New York City on a rainy April morning, but being back on dry land doesn't end the terror, and for some of the passengers, the nightmares are just beginning.

Having escaped her haunting past in Southampton, Meg Westmorland knows she should be excited to start her new life in New York City as millionaire Charlie Ashton's fiancée. However, Titanic has scarred both of them, and part of her wants to escape into the night, to start her new life all over again. Meg knows she must find the strength to help Charlie recover from Titanic and face the demons of her past, which includes going back to Southampton to face her mother and uncle. Will she stay by Charlie's side or look for another way to dissolve their arranged marriage?
The voices in Charlie's head are ever-present, and after a while, he begins to think he's losing his mind. How can he give his new fiancee the attention she deserves when thoughts of Titanic are constantly replaying? Will he end up losing Meg all over again?

Residuum is the final installment in the Ghosts of Southampton series, following Meg and Charlie as they attempt to return to their lives after the Titanic disaster.

Praise for Ghosts of Southampton:
"I loved this story! This book is well-written and completely engaged me from the beginning. I didn't want to put it down, and then when I was finished, I didn't want it to end. The romantic plot blended with such a historical event truly draws the reader in. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and look forward to reading more of their story in the future. It felt like I was right there with them experiencing and feeling everything they did. The author is very good at taking us back in time; the language used throughout feels authentic as well as the actions and descriptions throughout the story. I enjoy reading romance novels, and this love story with its unique setting and time period was such a great read...a breath of fresh air!"

"Loved this book! Meg and Charlie were great characters and little Ruth was a gem! I am looking forward to the prequel!"

"This book was very well written. I loved this book and could not stop reading it! I highly recommend this book."

"This book was was so good I immediately purchased the next one."

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Residuum by Id Johnson