Realm of Angels (Noble Line of de Nerra #2)

by Kathryn Le Veque

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Realm of Angels by Kathryn Le Veque
When a noble knight makes a bad decision, it costs him more than his honor.

It costs him his heart.

Welcome to the novella based on E.T.A. Hoffmann's story, 'The Nutcracker and The Mouse King'. Rhogan de Garr is a proud and noble knight from a great family and he has always been fond of Juliana de Nerra (SHIELD OF KRONOS). In fact, he hopes to court her. But, in a weak moment, the lure of wealth and treasure is stronger than his love for her.

Or is it?

When Juliana learns that Rhogan has run off with a German princess, she mourns the loss of the only man she's ever loved, refusing to entertain any other suitors. Four long years after Rhogan's departure, she still refuses to allow her parents to marry her to another. It is her intention to remain a spinster, for if she cannot have Rhogan, then there is no point in trying to find happiness.

But a mysterious servant at her family home makes his presence known to Juliana, purely by accident. He is drawn to Juliana, and she is drawn to him. Will the fates be kind and bring Juliana what she most longs for?

True love only exists in the Realm of Angels.

(Note: This is an extended epilogue for VESTIGES OF VALOR and SHEILD OF KRONOS, but it is a complete story, no cliff-hangers, and a HEA. Originally published as part of The Nutcracker Reimagined Christmas Collection 2017. Enjoy!)

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Realm of Angels by Kathryn Le Veque