Amish Healing Hearts: Inspirational Clean Amish Romance (Love in Arcola #3)

by Emma Cartwright

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Amish Healing Hearts: Inspirational Clean Amish Romance by Emma Cartwright
Anna Wisner feels paralyzed upon the death of her beloved husband. Nothing can alleviate her despair, not friends, nor family, nor even her faith.
Without a clear plan, she boards a bus for the city, not necessarily in an effort to escape her grief, but just the people who remind her of what she has lost.

In Indianapolis, she finds employment in a boarding house full of university students. Keeping to herself, she finds the menial tasks help numb her aching heart.

Back in Arcola, Anna's neighbor, taciturn David Speicher, hears the heartbreaking message that Anna leaves for her parents and relays it to them. They welcome him into their home, and through their grief over their daughter, share their vibrant faith with him. David finds himself drawn to the Lantz home and visits them often.

Then David accidentally finds out a way to track Anna down and decides to seek her out in the hopes of bringing her home.

The night before David arrives, Anna makes a startling discovery and begs God for a sign of His love. She feels utterly abandoned by her Heavenly Father and doubts all that she learned growing up. When David shows up, she takes it as a sign and returns home with him, but finds the heartache she left has been waiting for her. Yet, somehow, her newfound friendship with David helps her bear it.

Each of them has a burden to bear, but by trusting in God's plan and keeping an open heart, they may find the healing that each of their hearts needs.

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Amish Healing Hearts: Inspirational Clean Amish Romance by Emma Cartwright