Wolfsbane: An Infinite Arcana Novella (Werewolves of Boston #1)

by S.J. Himes

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Wolfsbane: An Infinite Arcana Novella by S.J. Himes
Introducing a new series, Werewolves of Boston, set in the same universe as The Beacon Hill Sorcerer!

Rael Morrow is a human-werewolf hybrid, and he's about to be kicked out of his pack. Unable to transform, Rael is left with few options. He can accept the Alpha's ruling and be banished, pulling his mother with him—or agree to a courtship with Jameson Mercer, heir presumptive of their Boston Southside Pack and the object of Rael's longtime unrequited crush.

If he mates with Jameson, he can remain in the pack, and he and his mother won't have to suffer the indignity of being forced to uproot their whole lives.

Rael reluctantly agrees to the plan. He's been in love with Jameson since he was a kid, and there's no way Jameson cares about him in the same way. Rael is afraid he’s setting himself up for a lifetime of misery.

But then begins a seduction that breaks down every preconceived notion that Rael had about Jameson, and he dares to hope.
Of course, things are never that easy. Jameson is the perfect alpha, and Rael's human heritage hides a secret that threatens his life. The Southside Pack is primed to fracture as power dynamics shift. And Rael is forced to reconcile who he always thought he was with who he could become.

WOLFSBANE is a 37,000 word novella set in the Infinite Arcana, an expanded universe shared with The Beacon Hill Sorcerer, but can be read as a standalone.

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Wolfsbane: An Infinite Arcana Novella by S.J. Himes