Blood Dawn (Queen of Abaddon #3)

by Rae Foxx

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Aug 28th, 2020  | 

Blood Dawn by Rae Foxx
The Final book in the Queen of Abaddon Series might just be straight out of hell.

We’ve found Ariel. Not that it gets us any closer to taking her home. I always knew that taking a mortal into Abaddon was impossible, but I still have the hope of finding some loophole before it’s too late.

Damn it all, it’s too late.

The demons have broken through, and more than a few cities on Earth have been overrun. Closing the gate to hell is no longer a simple act, we now have to shove all the demons back in first.

Trust me, demons like going into holes, but getting shoved into the seventh ring of hell is not their idea of a party.

Control the demon orgy, save the baby, save the Earth.

Not your usual job for a devil, but we’re on it.

At 70k words Blood Dawn is a full-length why choose romance that’s as hot as the inner ring of Hades itself. Angels and Demons are in full play, with all the heaving, exhilarating action that you would hope to get with a devil as hot as this.

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Blood Dawn by Rae Foxx