Grave (Dark Kings #2)

by Shantel Tessier

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Grave by Shantel Tessier
My life went to hell years ago, and I've had a death wish ever since then with fast cars, women, and drugs. They don't call me Grave for nothing!

But I do it because I need to feel something... anything. What's life worth living for without the high?

And then I saw her!

She's too good for me, and I should stay away. But like an addict, I switch one drug for another, and I'll be taking her to hell with me.

I'm anything but sweet, despite what people think, so when he tells me I'm too good for him and I'm better off without him, I don't listen.

My life was simple before Grave stepped through that door, but who wants simple?

He makes me feel alive. It took one touch, and I became addicted!

But therein lies the problem. Addiction is Grave's middle name, and when he tells me he's taking me to hell with him, I don't know whether to take that as a threat or a promise!

'Grave' is tagged as:

  • suspense 2
  • super rich hero 2
  • mafia 2
  • contemporary 2
  • dark 2
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Grave by Shantel Tessier