Tom Jobs : a billionaire and instalove romance story (The Fiery Billionaire Romance #1)

by Tammy Newton

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Tom Jobs : a billionaire and instalove romance story by Tammy Newton

Tom Jobs (The Fiery Billionaire Romance #1)

This is a billionaire and instalove romance short story filled with romantic, sexy, and steamed moments. The story evolves gracefully and has unexpected turns. Tammy and Tom are attracted to each other but it is not as simple as it sounds. Will they be able to overcome the big wall in front of them before the love dissipates?

--- Tom and Tammy ---
Tom and Tammy ended up in the back of a car with their lips still locked. Hands were running all over. Tammy couldn’t keep hers out of his hair. She never thought it would be so soft. She desperately gripped his clothes, wishing she could take them off his body.

--- Tammy ---

If she was serious about the feelings she had for Tom, then Tammy was going to have to learn to trust him. It was hard, but she was definitely overreacting. Tammy believed him. And as hard as it was, she trusted him. If there was one thing Tammy had done for her entire life, it was doing the hard thing for what she wanted. That’s exactly how she got to where she is today. Tammy wanted Tom. So, that meant she would do whatever she could to have him, even if it was the hard thing.

Stats showed that 90% of people recommend this hot romance book to their friends. Many people reread it. We’ve got great reviews already:

“I think that there's plenty of romantic details included in Tom Jobs, and will be loved and appreciated by many people. In fact, I have already re-read it.” - Lindsay Oberg

“I loved the whole idea of the story and it had some great heat in between Tom and Tammy. It has really great potential to be a hot and sexy read for me” - Jessica Lane

“I liked the storyline and how the characters followed” - Sydney H.

All books in The Fiery Billionaire Romance series can be read as standalone. Dig in. Enjoy the warm and hot narrative. Please, be aware of tablet overheating for which we are not responsible.

Author's note: Claim a special gift that you will find within this book. Hint: this gift comes in handy if you are tired of reading. Someone will read it for you ;).

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Tom Jobs : a billionaire and instalove romance story by Tammy Newton