Ria (The Milf Diaries #2)

by Tirza Schaefer

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Ria by Tirza Schaefer
Meet Ria.

Ria is a gifted artist and painter with a spiritual interest and a lack of grounding in the "real world". However, due to her friends' Izzy and Lucia's unstinting support, she has finally been able to find a way to make money from her exceptional talents. As she is a cougar this hasn't been coming fast and easy for her But she has worked on herself and finally made it happen. Then she meets a sexy as sin younger man who seems to have the hots for her as well. But he keeps her hidden from the world and refuses to even kiss her. Whenever she comes too close, he has an anxiety attack. Ria us understandably more than a little confused.

Meet Jordan.

Jordan is a young, jaded stripper who has had a hard childhood and learned early how to use his charms and talent to mesmerise the ladies for his own profit. Now, women all around the world pay top prices to see him dance – and possibly more. But the jetset lifestyle has become stale and when Jordan meets Ria who has no idea who he actually is, he starts to develop series anxiety attacks whenever they come close, although Ria is the only woman he's ever fallen for in his life.

Although the books in this series are standalone novels, it is advised for you to read the books of The Milf Diaries series in order because the characters are connected through friendship and some mention of the stories in the other books might be made, even though this won't take away from your understanding and overall enjoyment of your reading.

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Ria by Tirza Schaefer