My Neighbor Is An Alien ('90s Nostalgia Fated Mates #3)

by Athena Storm

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My Neighbor Is An Alien by Athena Storm
He might be an alien warrior from the future.
But I have a weapon he’s powerless to fight.
What is it?

Victoria’s Secret.

Val Dorn is huge. With muscles the size of tree trunks.
And an accent he claims is Estonian.
It’s like he came out of the movie Terminator.
And moved in right next door.

At first I’m excited.
I mean, hello. My window faces his shower.
But then I realize that Val’s arrival might herald some really scary stuff coming my way.
And he’s the only thing that’s protecting me.

Somewhere along the line, I get close to the big fella.
And he starts sniffing me.
Then kissing me.
Then telling me I’m his fated mate.
I mean, what do they teach the men over in “Estonia”?

But there’s just something off about Val.
Maybe it’s the ease with which he lifted my truck off the ground.
Or how much he eats in one sitting.
Or his fancy ray gun looking things that he says are movie props.
I’m not sure.

Because he’s hot and all.

I think my neighbor is an alien.

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My Neighbor Is An Alien by Athena Storm