Walking the Edge (Danger in the Big Easy #1)

by Sue Ward Drake

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[?] · 1 ratings · Published: Dec 29th, 2020

Walking the Edge by Sue Ward Drake
On the knife edge of danger in the streets of New Orleans, theserugged men call the Big Easy home, and they'll do whatever it takes to protecttheir own

Ex-army ranger Mitch Guidrynever should have let his brothers talk him into joining them in the Big Easy.Particularly when they have him going head-to-head with the very last thing heneeds: a feisty redhead who has more opinions than even his hard-headedbrothers. Loyal and overprotective to a fault, Catherine Hurley will doeverything she can to stop Mitch from finding her fugitive brother...and yet, hecan't get enough of her.

Cath should be furious withthe overbearing ex-ranger who shows up on her doorstep looking for her brother.Sure, Mitch Guidry is hotter than a Louisiana summer and pushes every one ofher buttons, but he's also an immediate threat to her family, and family iseverything to Cath. Unfortunately, the only way to save her brother is to stickto Mitch like glue. But sharing close quarters with him while they search forher missing brother together proves to be more than a littlechallenging...particularly when it comes to protecting her heart.

SueWard Drakes takes you on a wild ride through the steamy streets of New Orleansin this action-packed, sexy romantic suspense!
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Walking the Edge by Sue Ward Drake