Witching With Sharks (Witch on the Rocks #4)

Lily Harper Hart

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Witching With Sharks by Lily Harper Hart
One of the biggest trivia competitions in the world is coming to Paradise Lodge, and Hali Waverly is expecting an influx of guests. What she’s not prepared for is murder.
When a body drops on the resort’s beach, however, she finds herself knee-deep in the investigation along with her new boyfriend Gray Hunter. Unfortunately for her, there are a few too many suspects for her comfort level.
Between the other contestants—a flamboyant group of individuals whom Hali has trouble relating to—and the workers, there’s no limit to the pool of potential killers. Finding the right one isn’t going to be easy.
When you add in the dark merrow, who continue to make their presence known, Hali has her hands full.
All she wants is a little rest and to have a good time. That might not be in the cards though. When it becomes apparent that someone is trying to control the outcome of the competition, all bets are off.
Beaches, bodies, and Bloody Marys? Yup, things are about to get hairy for St. Pete’s favorite witch and shifter.
Oh, yeah, there will be some shark shifters too.
Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.
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