Bitch Series by Deja King

4.59 · 56 ratings
  • Bitch (Bitch #1)

    Bitch (Bitch #1)

    Deja King

    · 20 ratings · published 2014

    Precious Cummings came from nothing but was determined to have it all. Using her most deadly weapons - undeniable beauty, body and street savvy brains, Precious sets out to change the cards that she'd been dealt. After meeting Nico Carter, a man who can help her achieve her goals, virtually overnight she is on her way. Precious quickly transforms from Project Chick to Hood Queen and is determined to hold on to her position even if it means crossing the man who made it possible... more

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  • Queen Bitch (Bitch #4)

    Queen Bitch (Bitch #4)

    Deja King

    · 13 ratings · published 2008

    In Queen Bitch, Precious has lost it all, her daughter, Aaliyah, the love of her life, Supreme, and the luxurious lifestyle she s grown accustomed to. The perpetrator of her demise is the very person she called family Maya. Precious learns the hard way, it s true what they say, blood is thicker than water, as Maya aligns herself with her brother, Pretty Boy Mike.As Precious fights to escape the death sentence that awaits her, Maya is plotting to steal the life she believes is rightfully hers... more

  • Last Bitch Standing (Bitch #5)

    Last Bitch Standing (Bitch #5)

    Deja King

    · 16 ratings · published 2009

    In the final installment of the Bitch Series, Precious Cummings only has one agenda and that is to destroy her most conniving enemy yet, Maya. Precious has no doubt that she can shut it down, the only problem is locating her nemesis who has disappeared with her husband, Supreme and daughter, Aaliyah. As Precious fights to not only win the battles but the war, she is determined to be the Last Bitch Standing... more

  • Still the Baddest Bitch (Bitch #9)

    Still the Baddest Bitch (Bitch #9)

    Deja King

    · 7 ratings · published 2014

    Aaliyah Mills Carter has to step up and watch the throne, to prove she has what it takes to be the Baddest Bitch. Chaos has always surrounded her family but now death may have hit too close to home. There are so many questions but not enough answers. Aaliyah is determined to find out if she's been sleeping with the enemy and has Precious Cummings finally ran out of lives? Find out in Still The Baddest Bitch. The last installment of the Series, Bitch The Final Chapter will be released April 2014.

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