Broken Series by A.E. Murphy

4.19 · 39 ratings
  • Broken (Broken #1)

    Broken (Broken #1)

    A.E. Murphy

    · 22 ratings · published 2014

    Caleb is perfect in every way, almost too perfect and Gwen has never felt so happy. He is hers and she is his. Life can't get much better and their love can't get any stronger. That is until mistakes are made and their world comes crumbling down. She's left alone with no money, no home and a growing person invading her stomach. How will she survive? Forced to leave culinary school, the job she needs and the home they made together. Gwen finds a knight in the most unlikely source... more

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  • Connected (Broken #2)

    Connected (Broken #2)

    A.E. Murphy

    · 17 ratings · published 2014

    Stuck between what feels wrong but should be right and what is definitely wrong but feels so right, Gwen has to deal with her new life and being a single mother to her baby, Dillan. Whilst trying to move on and fill the gaping hole that Caleb left behind, she struggles with the knowledge of what happened to Nathan. She doesn't know how to deal with it, knowing it could be her that saves him, but not wanting to betray Caleb, who still holds the largest piece of her heart... more

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