The McTiernays Series by Michele Sinclair

4.00 · 95 ratings
  • The Highlander's Bride (The McTiernays #1)

    The Highlander's Bride (The McTiernays #1)

    Michele Sinclair

    · 18 ratings · published 2007

    BOUND BY DUTY Highland laird Conor McTiernay had always dreamed of an enduring love. But the reality of women who desired him only for his title and lands made him swear off marriage forever. That is until he first set eyes on the Englishwoman his men found hiding in the forest. Beneath the dirt and grime it was clear Laurel Cordell was beautiful... more

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  • To Wed a Highlander (The McTiernays #2)

    To Wed a Highlander (The McTiernays #2)

    Michele Sinclair

    · 20 ratings · published 2008

    An Arranged Marriage. . . Makenna Dunstan has never needed a man's protection before. But when her father's failing health places the safety of the clan in her hands, she has no choice but to marry Colin McTiernay. Fearing the emotions Colin awakens within her, she finds herself succumbing too easily to his lingering kisses and warm caresses. Yet she wonders if she can truly trust this highlander who is quickly stealing her heart. . . Ignites An Insatiable Desire. . more

  • Desiring the Highlander (The McTiernays #3)

    Desiring the Highlander (The McTiernays #3)

    Michele Sinclair

    · 17 ratings · published 2009

    Seven McTiernay brothers, each a highlander born to protect Scotland and her people, warriors known for their quick wits and quicker broadswords. The third brother, Cole, stared death in the face when he was only a boy... Now Cole McTiernay is a man. And though he resists them in every way, he has responsibilities. The wild northern Highlands need a laird who can guide them to peace. Cole has the army strong enough to accomplish this task... more

  • Tempting the Highlander (The McTiernays #4)

    Tempting the Highlander (The McTiernays #4)

    Michele Sinclair

    · 14 ratings · published 2011

    Of the seven bold brothers born to defend their Scottish Highlands, Crevan McTiernay is the most restrained. But that doesn't make him any less passionate. . .IT BEGINS AS A PLOY. . .When Raelynd Schellden and her sister are caught in the stables with the notorious McTiernay twins, her father sees not scandal, but opportunity... more

  • Seducing the Highlander (The McTiernays #5)

    Seducing the Highlander (The McTiernays #5)

    Michele Sinclair

    · 9 ratings · published 2013

    Of the seven McTiernay brothers sworn to protect their Scottish Highlands, Craig is most willing to place duty before love--until he's enchanted by the last woman he expects. . .. Bound By Honor Meriel Schellden knows that marrying Craig McTiernay will strengthen the ties between their clans. She insists she is motivated by duty and responsibility, nothing more. But when a mere formality becomes a kiss far from platonic, Meriel must question where her true intentions lie. . more

  • Never Kiss a Highlander (The McTiernays #6)

    Never Kiss a Highlander (The McTiernays #6)

    Michele Sinclair

    · 4 ratings · published 2017

    Not a McTiernay by blood, but a brother nonetheless, Hamish will choose honor over all, until his world is shaken by one impetuous kiss...   A LASTING PASSION Elite McTiernay guardsman Hamish MacBrieve is looking for a clean start. But when his brother, laird of Foinaven Castle, leaves the family holdings dangerously unprotected, Hamish has no choice but to return and keep his clansmen safe... more

  • The Most Eligible Highlander in Scotland (The McTiernays #7)

    The Most Eligible Highlander in Scotland (The McTiernays #7)

    Michele Sinclair

    · 4 ratings · published 2018

    The most sought-after bachelor in Scotland, the seventh McTiernay brother cannot be caught, by seduction or love—unless a roving Highland beauty lays siege to his heart... AN UNEXPECTED DESIRE Conan McTiernay will leave the joys of wedlock to his happily married brothers. He's too busy mapping out Scotland to protect her borders from English invasion... Until he's dispatched to escort a cloistered Highland lass safely back to his family's castle... more

  • How to Marry a Highlander (The McTiernays #8)

    How to Marry a Highlander (The McTiernays #8)

    Michele Sinclair

    · 5 ratings · published 2019

    A battle-hardened soldier, he is bound to the McTiernay brothers by a loyalty as strong as blood. But no woman in all of Scotland has been able to lay claim to his heart . . .   UNBRIDLED PASSION A commander in the McTiernay clan, Dugan is known far and wide for his skills with a sword—and his skills in seduction. His rugged countenance and arrogant swagger are a lethal combination for the women who try to tame him and fail. Until a mysterious firebrand tempts him with her wicked ways . . more

  • In the Arms of a Highlander (The McTiernays #9)

    In the Arms of a Highlander (The McTiernays #9)

    Michele Sinclair

    · 4 ratings · published 2022

    The McTiernay brothers will always be able to depend upon Brodie Dunstan’s loyalty, his sword, and his strength. But there is another kind of bond—one that can fell even a fearless warrior... Brodie Dunstan was an honored McTiernay commander when he agreed to leave and help an allied clan. Eight years later, he’s back among the McTiernays at Lochlen Castle, yet despite the welcome, Brodie feels he’s still searching for his rightful place... more

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