West Bend Saints Series by Sabrina Paige

3.95 · 68 ratings
  • Elias (West Bend Saints #1)

    Elias (West Bend Saints #1)

    Sabrina Paige

    · 18 ratings · published 2014

    River Call me Cinderella. I’m a rags to riches story - girl from trailer park becomes Hollywood starlet. And I’m about to get my happy ever after. That is, until I walk in to my house, three hours before my wedding, to find my rock star fiance sticking his c**k down my sister's throat. With cameras behind me, filming. I’m running from the whole humiliating thing. I’m not prepared to run straight into him- Elias Saint. He’s completely wrong for me- damaged, dirty, and demanding... more

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  • Silas (West Bend Saints #2)

    Silas (West Bend Saints #2)

    Sabrina Paige

    · 16 ratings · published 2014

    Tempest Call me Robin Hood. I’m a grifter. A con artist. I don’t just steal from the rich. I take from the worst of the worst, the people who deserve to be hustled. I have two rules - keep moving and never fall in love. I only ever thought about breaking them for one boy. And that boy just walked right back into my life, a ghost from the past. Silas Saint. Now he’s a man. Arrogant and sexy as f**k, he’s sure as hell not the person I fell in love with, a lifetime ago... more

  • Luke (West Bend Saints #3)

    Luke (West Bend Saints #3)

    Sabrina Paige

    · 16 ratings · published 2015

    Luke Saint F**k being good. I won’t be tamed. There are three things in life I’m damn good at: f**king, jumping out of planes, and chasing forest fires. Settle down? Yeah, right. And definitely not with someone like Autumn Mayburn. She's uptight, smart-mouthed, and hell, she has a kid. Did I mention she’s ten years older than me? There are a million reasons I shouldn't touch her. F**k all of those reasons... more

  • Killian (West Bend Saints #4)

    Killian (West Bend Saints #4)

    Sabrina Paige

    · 18 ratings · published 2016

    White picket fence and a family? Not my style.

 Killian I live life on my own terms. That means alone . I like my solitude, and that's not going to change.

 A woman like Lily Grant? Yeah, right. She talks too much and has too many opinions. And that kid of hers might be more of a smart-mouth than she is.

 If I were a better man, I’d walk away. But once I taste her sweet lips, I want to possess every inch of her.

 The woman is mine. Even if she doesn’t know it... more

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