Marrying Stone Series by Pamela Morsi

3.84 · 42 ratings
  • Marrying Stone (Marrying Stone #1)

    Marrying Stone (Marrying Stone #1)

    Pamela Morsi

    · 9 ratings · published 1994

    Meggie was a dreamer who'd spent her entire life in the tiny town of Marrying Stone. But though her life was simple, she was always sure that someday her prince would come. J. Monroe Farley arrived with his Edison listening box to record the traditional music of the Ozarks, determined to focus all his attention on his studies. But there, in this remote mountain hamlet, he found something he never expected--the princess of his dreams...

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  • Simple Jess (Marrying Stone #2)

    Simple Jess (Marrying Stone #2)

    Pamela Morsi

    · 19 ratings · published 1996

    Given an ultimatum by her interfering neighbors--to find a husband by Christmas or have one selected for her--reluctant widow Althea Winsloe searches for a possible mate and finds herself drawn to Simple Jess, a sweet and gentle man of less-than-average intelligence. Proclaimed “a refreshing new voice in romance” by Jude Deveraux, award-winning author Pamela Morsi has charmed millions with her touching stories of simple pleasures and heartfelt romances... more

  • The Lovesick Cure (Marrying Stone #3)

    The Lovesick Cure (Marrying Stone #3)

    Pamela Morsi

    · 8 ratings · published 2012

    For Jesse Winsloe, the answer is clear: head into hiding. Single again and laid off from work, Jesse flees to Onery Cabin to lick her wounds with her ancient aunt Will—a Granny woman with the secret to healing the lovelorn.Sure, Onery Cabin may be right out of Hollywood's Lifestyles of the Poor and Hillbilly, but Marrying Stone Mountain has its charm—including the local physician's assistant, Piney Baxley, a past recipient of Aunt Will's pungent "heartbreak poultice... more

  • Mr. Right Goes Wrong (Marrying Stone #4)

    Mr. Right Goes Wrong (Marrying Stone #4)

    Pamela Morsi

    · 6 ratings · published 2014

    "I've read all her books and loved every word." -Jude Deveraux.  No More Mr. Nice Guy. Like a bad-choice-making boomerang, Mazy Gulliver has returned to her mom’s tiny house in Brandt Mountain. But this time, she’s got her teenage son, Tru, in tow and no intention of messing up ever again.Mazy’s so determined to rebuild her life she hardly minds beingthe new loan collector, or even working for Tad, her ex. She’s not here to make friends--or fall in love... more

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