Vampire Trilogy Series by Amanda Ashley

3.93 · 33 ratings
  • Shades of Gray (Vampire Trilogy #1)

    Shades of Gray (Vampire Trilogy #1)

    Amanda Ashley

    · 11 ratings · published 2007

    Bound by chains, the vampire had slept for 100 years, locked in pain and hunger, until the scent of one woman's blood recalled him to life. Lost in darkness, Grigori finds new sustenance in the light of Marisa's love, and new purpose in his life. Only he can protect her from the evil that stalks the night. Grigori vows to show Marisa that not all the undead are monsters, and that somewhere between the black and white of damnation and desire lay infinite shades of gray.

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  • After Sundown (Vampire Trilogy #2)

    After Sundown (Vampire Trilogy #2)

    Amanda Ashley

    · 10 ratings · published 2003

    National bestselling author Amanda Ashley has created a world of seductive, preternatural creatures whose passions are as limitless—and as dangerous—as their powers. In this sensual and gripping new novel, love, desire, and ambition collide in a city that is both home and hunting ground to its population of darkly irresistible vampires... He Has Become What He Once Destroyed. Edward Ramsey has spent his life hunting vampires. Now he is one of them... more

  • Desire After Dark (Vampire Trilogy #3)

    Desire After Dark (Vampire Trilogy #3)

    Amanda Ashley

    · 12 ratings · published 2006

    Vicki Cavendish knows she should be careful. After all, there's a killer loose in town—one who drains women of blood, women with red hair and green eyes just like her. She knows she should tell police about the dark, gorgeous man who comes into the diner every night, the one who makes her feel a longing she's never felt before. The last thing she should do is invite the beautiful stranger into her house... more

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