L.A. Liaisons Series by Brooke Blaine

4.07 · 39 ratings
  • Licked (L.A. Liaisons #1)

    Licked (L.A. Liaisons #1)

    Brooke Blaine

    · 17 ratings · published 2015

    As the owner of Licked, an eclectic ice creamery and bar, Ryleigh Phillips doesn't have time for that love stuff. Serving up Nibble My Nuts sundaes and Drunken Sailor boozy shakes are as close to an orgasmic affair as she's had in months thanks to her expanding empire—until the night of her ten-year high school reunion. When Ryleigh's crush, gorgeous ex-football god Cameron Mathis, comes streaking into her life (literally—streaking), she begins to wonder if she really can have it all... more

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  • Hooker (L.A. Liaisons #2)

    Hooker (L.A. Liaisons #2)

    Brooke Blaine

    · 12 ratings · published 2016

    Whoever said singles were missing out by not finding true love and getting married before the age of thirty had never experienced the sheer pleasure of nightly romantic comedy viewings in their underwear while eating one of Licked’s famous Crazy Cat Lady sundaes. Because life just doesn’t get better than that. At least, it doesn’t for Shayne Callahan. It didn’t take more than a handful of broken hearts after college to solidify that she was better at pairing up those around her than herself... more

  • P.I.T.A. (L.A. Liaisons #3)

    P.I.T.A. (L.A. Liaisons #3)

    Brooke Blaine

    · 10 ratings · published 2017

    As one of the most prestigious wedding coordinators in Los Angeles, Paige Iris Traynor-Ashcroft is known for being classy, elegant, and the orchestrator of many happily-ever-afters. But in the words of Paige herself: “What a crock of shiitake.” Known affectionately (or not) as P.I.T.A. to those closest to her, she’s never been one to buy into the whole monogamy thing for herself. Sure, her BFFs are getting picked off by Cupid one by one, but his arrows have nothing on her semiautomatic... more

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