Mercenary/Goddard Project Series by Lucy Monroe

3.89 · 90 ratings
  • 3 Brides for 3 Bad Boys (Mercenary/Goddard Project #2)

    3 Brides for 3 Bad Boys (Mercenary/Goddard Project #2)

    Lucy Monroe

    · 10 ratings · published 2005

    Rand - after tragedy struck six years ago, Rand buried what was left of his heart. But Phoebe Garrison isn't giving up, and she's got an enticing deal: the coveted deed to property his company needs in exchange for one hot week in her bed. It's an offer even the brooding Rand can't refuse. Now, as every hunger is explored, every secret revealed, Rand knows he'll need more than one week to indulge his fantasies with this amazing woman.. more

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  • Ready (Mercenary/Goddard Project #3)

    Ready (Mercenary/Goddard Project #3)

    Lucy Monroe

    · 14 ratings · published 2008

    Lucy Monroe's books have hit national bestseller lists in both the US and England. Her highly charged, sensual stories touch on the realities of life while giving the reader a fantasy story not easily forgotten. In Ready, she delights a whole legion of fans with three ex-Army rangers who make Chuck Norris look like a wimp and one introverted writer who is about to enter into the most explosive affair of her life... more

  • Willing (Mercenary/Goddard Project #4)

    Willing (Mercenary/Goddard Project #4)

    Lucy Monroe

    · 12 ratings · published 2008

    Josie McCall has been raised to be a soldier, and she could be the best--"if she wanted it. Instead, she left her dad's mercenary school behind for a normal job in computers. But now that someone has torched the school and her dad is MIA from the hospital, Josie's going to use every bit of her merc training to find him and hunt down the culprits who took him. Josie knows a lot about explosives, hand-to-hand combat, and tracking. What she doesn't know about is sex... more

  • And Able (Mercenary/Goddard Project #5)

    And Able (Mercenary/Goddard Project #5)

    Lucy Monroe

    · 12 ratings · published 2008

    Meet three sexy men who individually are Ready, Willing, and Able to go the distance-and together, are unstoppable. Claire Sharp trusts few people and relies on no one. But after her life is threatened, ex-mercenary Brett Adams blows into her self-contained world, full of southern charm and rugged good looks. But Claire is not about to fall into Brett's bed... more

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed (Mercenary/Goddard Project #6)

    Satisfaction Guaranteed (Mercenary/Goddard Project #6)

    Lucy Monroe

    · 12 ratings · published 2007

    Anytime, anyplace, Ethan Crane's your man. An agent's agent, he's tough, smart, and fearless. Exactly the guy you want when the stuff hits the fan - and precisely the kind Beth Whitney avoids like the plague. It took a fiance (make that ex-fiance) in the business to teach her, but she's learned her lesson: Don't. Date. Agents. Ever. It's this little rule that's kept her gainfully employed at the agency, doing her part for world security from behind a desk... more

  • Deal With This (Mercenary/Goddard Project #7)

    Deal With This (Mercenary/Goddard Project #7)

    Lucy Monroe

    · 8 ratings · published 2007

    Alan Hyatt could do his job in his sleep, and when the Goddard Project sends him to investigate a case of high-tech espionage in the Vancouver film industry, he finds a perfect reason to work in bed. But sizzling actress Jillian Carlyle also happens to be his landlady, and she's got a hard-and-fast (so to speak) rule that keeps her from dating her renters... more

  • The Spy Who Wants Me (Mercenary/Goddard Project #8)

    The Spy Who Wants Me (Mercenary/Goddard Project #8)

    Lucy Monroe

    · 8 ratings · published 2009

    WARNING: MAY BE TOO HOT TO HANDLE Elle Gray looks like a supermodel, thinks like a super agent, and can kill a man with her bare hands. But when she meets Dr. Beau Ruston, the brilliant scientist and ex-college football star in charge of the project she's been sent to protect, she wants more of her bare self around him than just her hands. If his muscular grace and quick wit hadn't turned her on, there would still be those big brown eyes watching her suspiciously... more

  • Watch Over Me (Mercenary/Goddard Project #9)

    Watch Over Me (Mercenary/Goddard Project #9)

    Lucy Monroe

    · 8 ratings · published 2009

    Super spy Mykola Chernichenko comes from a family of geniuses, and though he's no idiot himself, he'd rather be where the action is than analyze it to death. That's why his vacation has just been cut short by a call to get two of his siblings out of some serious trouble - while protecting a nerdy scientist who's latest project could change the world...and get her killed... more

  • Close Quarters (Mercenary/Goddard Project #10)

    Close Quarters (Mercenary/Goddard Project #10)

    Lucy Monroe

    · 6 ratings · published 2010

    From the bestselling author of "Ready, Willing, and Able" comes a sizzling, action-packed novel in which opposites attract--and may just combust. OPPOSITES ATTRACT. IF THEY DON’T COMBUST FIRST. To some, he is an assassin. To others, he’s merely the man who gets the job done when no one else can. Now politico-military black-ops leader Roman Chernichenko has to take out the leak in an espionage plot that could destabilize all of Africa. Nothing will distract him from his mission... more

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