A Step Brother Romance Series by Sabrina Paige

3.72 · 122 ratings
  • Prick (A Step Brother Romance #1)

    Prick (A Step Brother Romance #1)

    Sabrina Paige

    Rated: 3.56 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 5 of 5
    · 44 ratings · published 2015

    I can't stop thinking about that prick. Caulter Sterling is a prick. A filthy-mouthed, womanizing, crude, spoiled, arrogant prick. The tattooed, pierced, panty-melting-hot son of a celebrity. I hate him. He's slept his way through practically every girl at Brighton Academy. Except for me. I'm the good girl. The responsible girl. The 4.0, class president, studied-so-much-she-never-lost-the-big-V girl... more

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  • A Very Dirty Christmas (A Step Brother Romance #1.5)

    A Very Dirty Christmas (A Step Brother Romance #1.5)

    Sabrina Paige

    Rated: 4.08 of 5 stars
    · 10 ratings · published 2015

    Marriage and a baby for the world’s biggest prick? Yeah, right. I'm marrying the world’s biggest prick. Well, ex-prick . Caulter Sterling. The tattooed, pierced bad boy I used to hate. It's Christmas in New Hampshire – a white wedding... more

  • Tool (A Step Brother Romance #2)

    Tool (A Step Brother Romance #2)

    Sabrina Paige

    Rated: 3.74 of 5 stars
    · 25 ratings · published 2015

    I call him “Tool” because he’s a dick. Gaige O’Neal is nicknamed “Tool” because of what he’s packing. Rumor is, he’s well equipped. I wouldn’t know. I’ve never had the pleasure. He’s a cocky, entitled, insufferable a**hole who’s as reckless with women as he is with that stupid motorcycle he races. He’s also my stepbrother. Lucky me. It’s been four years since I’ve seen him. Four years since he’s made me so frustrated I could scream... more

  • Cannon (A Step Brother Romance #3)

    Cannon (A Step Brother Romance #3)

    Sabrina Paige

    Rated: 3.76 of 5 stars
    · Steam rating: 5 of 5
    · 21 ratings · published 2015

    You might think you've heard every story of forbidden love. But you haven't heard ours. Hendrix "Cannon" Cole is a damaged, sexy-as-hell ex-Marine. He's also my stepbrother. I'm a country singer in the spotlight. Our history is complicated. I used to hate him. Then I loved him. Then I hated him again. When he joined the Marines five years ago, I thought he was gone forever. Now he's back. I have everything to lose. He has nothing left. The heat between us is explosive... more

  • Prince Albert (A Step Brother Romance #4)

    Prince Albert (A Step Brother Romance #4)

    Sabrina Paige

    Rated: 3.83 of 5 stars
    · 22 ratings · published 2015

    Prince Albert is a royal prick. He’s the most famous one on the planet – wealthy, gorgeous, and a notorious playboy. He’s also the most conceited, insufferable, arrogant man I’ve ever met. Did I mention he’s a freaking prince? An actual, real life Prince Not-So-Charming. He’s tattooed and pierced, too. Prince Albert has a Prince Albert piercing. That's right – he's pierced you-know-where. Allegedly. I’ve never seen it. My mother is marrying a king... more

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