Tamia Luke Series by Naomi Chase

4.60 · 29 ratings
  • Exposed (Tamia Luke #1)

    Exposed (Tamia Luke #1)

    Naomi Chase

    · 11 ratings · published 2014

    Her past is back to haunt her--and it's hotter than ever. . . On the brink of a major promotion, Tamia Luke is within reach of the glitzy life she's always dreamed of--until her client, Dominic "Nico" Archer, blackmails her into becoming his mistress, threatening to reveal her scandalous past. Tamia has no choice but to submit to his demands. But the tables turn when her hostility towards Nico is replaced with insatiable lust... more

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  • Deception (Tamia Luke #2)

    Deception (Tamia Luke #2)

    Naomi Chase

    · 10 ratings · published 2012

    Sisters can share too much. . . Acquitted of murder, Tamia Luke is on a mission to reclaim all she's lost, including her ex, Brandon, who saved her life. Brandon's about to get married, but Tamia's determined, even if it means resorting to deception--a family habit. Her sister, Fiona, betrayed Tamia to save her own skin. Now the two share a scandalous secret that may destroy both their plans to start over. . . Fiona's hoping her glitzy new job will help her score a rich husband... more

  • Betrayal (Tamia Luke #3)

    Betrayal (Tamia Luke #3)

    Naomi Chase

    · 8 ratings · published 2014

    Some people know better and do worse… Ever since she was acquitted of murder, Tamia Luke has been on a mission to prove she’s a changed woman—especially to the love of her life, Brandon Chambers. She thinks she’s succeeded—until Brandon reveals that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant, and it’s his duty to marry her. With time running out, Tamia is determined to have one last rendezvous to win Brandon back... more

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